GERAKAS: Otherwise, the Fiord of Laconia. The picturesque and gentle harbor of Gerakas attracts sailing yachts and recreational boats. Initially, it looks like a lake, but it is the way you grasp the shimmering sea and the tranquility that it magnetizes. It has ouzo and taverns on the sea. A nearby destination for a one-day trip.

MONEMVASIA: Monemvasia is built on a limestone rock on the southeast coast of the Peloponnese. He is known for the fort and the old cannon. Our great poet, Yannis Ritsos, came from Monemvasia, where his home is still preserved.

THE MYLONAS OF TALANTON: In the Talanta between Demonia and Agios Nikolaos Monemvasias, is the watermill. The guided tour of the Barba-Yannis takes us to the operating season half a century ago.

THE CASTLE OF CASTANIA: The cave of Kastania is located on the south end of the Peloponnese a few minutes from Neapolis. It is second in its kind in Europe. The visitor will be impressed by the presence of stalagmites and stalactites that create magical forms.


From the village you can easily and quickly visit pebble and sand beaches that cover all your preferences. Following the coastal road you will also find individually sheltered harbors.